Everyone has a PLUS ELEMENT which, when harnessed, can propel them to greatness. We can help you find yours and harness it.

PLUS ELEMENT is a capacity-building platform which helps people and businesses excel in their industry by deliberately and strategically igniting their innate edge. We offer high impact success and growth programs to help them discover, achieve and sustain their purpose through time- honored, universal principles delivered by renowned trainers and coaches.

Our workshops and mastermind sessions are all year round.

To ignite and grow the innate edge and resource in people and businesses to help them get ahead through tailor made capacity building programs.
To be a catalyst for growth and success ecosystems.



 Our concept of Plus Element is hinged on the following principles:


Talent, like IQ is nature’s endowment; it stays latent if you take no action

Discover how to find, nurture and harness that potential for exponential growth.

Learning is a life-long enterprise

Sustain it through purposeful investments in training, coaching, mentorship and other personal development and growth programs.

Success does not just happen; it is earned through consistent effort.

Learn and apply the principles that govern the attainment of success. (The 4 rules of video game)

A black swan appears in the horizon once in a while

A black swan is an unexpected disruption of the status quo against all predictions and regularity. Our program prepares you to identify a coming black swan, rise above (scenario planning) and ride along with it (action).

Character: Integrity opens doors

You can learn and practice how to keep every door open for you for a lifetime. Lasting success is derivative by integrity. Our program helps you learn what it takes to develop strong and effective personal character

But my story hasn’t always been of success…

I grew up as a child under intense privations. My parents lived apart while I was still a child. The experience left me doubtful and uncertain about life. But it gave me a resolve: to discover my true self, become successful and shrug off the trauma of my early years. In my voyage of self-discovery, of finding the best tool to serve people who have gone through the same things I have, I became a certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team and a YouthMax Plus certified coach. I have served as a youth volunteer for more than two decades, issues related to the youth are not new to me.

I trained as a linguist, and studied for an MSc degree in Information Technology.  I ventured into the Travel and Tours business and became an IATA trained Travel & Tours Professional (TTP). I am also a trained event manager with great organizing skills.
My experience in this journey has shown me that investments in leadership and personal growth are key to any successful endeavor.

They make you achieve extraordinary results.


As a parent now, I am fascinated first by the idea of grooming young people and then by the role parents have to play in the equation.  My husband, children and our dog, enjoy spending time learning about the secret of life. I enjoy traveling, learning, serving and living.


This is my invitation to you….

Do you want to learn more about how you can get to your desired outcome faster and live the life you want? Are you seeking to improve your personal and professional life? I extend a joyful invitation to you to come on this journey with me. Contact me. Let me genuinely serve YOU! I guarantee that you would extraordinarily up your game the PLUS ELEMENT© way!


I am the chief catalyst of PLUS ELEMENT, an igniter of the success potentials every individual possesses to succeed. I passionately help my clients discover, ignite and develop the edge that creates amazing results in their lives and businesses through transformational empowerment sessions.


But I didn’t just begin from nowhere. I was mentored and trained by, and modelled after the lives of, Masters in spiritual and personal development including Harold Klemp, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Bob Burg, John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Christian Simpson, Ed Decosta, Mellisa West, Scott M Fay and Nick Vujicic.


In my personal search for life answers I came to understand that when ‘things fall apart’ with the individual or with an organization there is often a hole.


I have walked this path and I know what it means!



That is why I took to coaching and training

I got certified as a Leadership Coach. I have learnt as a coach that self-discovery is key to self-fulfilment. I help my clients get back onto their desired state. I enjoy helping them find inspiration through self-discovery and implementing the enduring, time-honored principles of growth.

I created a growth program based on the principles of good leadership, visioning. I call it the PLUS ELEMENT©.

Seeing people connect with their true potential and succeed; seeing them become aware and embrace these values, is my purpose.

I have been studying and personally implementing the philosophies behind personal development and the role emotions and visioning play in leadership. I have also come to the realization that success is re-won on a daily basis. The PLUS ELEMENT. My interactions with my mentors and other successful people have proven this fact to me. In fact this is a universal law!




Ibiwari Uloma Kemabonta works with individuals and organizations who want to excel.

Driven by this awareness, She co-founded a non-governmental organization: Women Advancement in the Knowledge Enterprise (WAKE) to help women leverage on technology to excel.

Ibiwari Uloma runs a high social impact leadership and entrepreneurial program for high school students, KIDS (Knowledge, Innovation, Development and Service). She executes KIDS using Retz Holidays Limited (her travel business) where she turns travel and tours to a life-changing learning experience for young people.

Ibiwari Uloma loves gardening and baking. Her fulfillment comes from creating things. She has great decoration skills and can turn a mundane living space to a haven of peace and airiness in no time. She is a songwriter and sings for a hobby.